Hello! My name is Laura.

Its lovely to see you here. 

I am a 500 hour Yoga Teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

I have been practicing yoga for over half of my life, since I was a teenager. My practice started very simply, learning a few poses and breathing techniques from a small blue book my Mum had.

I had no idea of the depth or breadth of yoga at that point in my life, but it didn’t matter, those few poses and breaths helped me to release tension in my body and calm my mind.

Yoga can be many things to many people. For some of us it is just about the physical poses, for others the mental awareness and yet others a spiritual stillness.

For me, it is the combination of all of these things. I like yoga to be fun and playful, but also a type of moving meditation.

I am an active person and find yoga compliments other sports that I do (rock climbing, wild swimming, running, cycle touring, you name it, I'll try it). ​Yoga has helped me to slow down and pause when life has got a little too busy, but also to keep moving when life stops or slows down.

Whether I am the right yoga teacher for you or not, I would love to connect with you! Drop me a message here.